“Limp Noodle” Joe Rogan Called Out for Being ‘Pretentious’ With Dwayne Johnson as Massive PRIDE Confession Comes Out

recently had on his JRE podcast for the first time. But things took a controversial turn when the former 10-time WWE champion claimed that he was considering martial arts, which the 56-year-old stayed silent about. Similarly, MMA legend Chael Sonnen also took issue with Rogan for not questioning ‘The Rock’ about his steroid use.

Joe Rogan has talked about Dwayne Johnson’s godly physique on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ many times. He even claimed to believe that the Hollywood A-lister to build the physique that he has. As such, Chael Sonnen was annoyed when he could not do that when Johnson was there right in front of Rogan during the podcast. Let’s take a look at what he had to say.

Chael Sonnen questions Joe Rogan for not asking Dwayne Johnson about his steroid use

‘The American Gangster’ talked about ‘The Rock’s claims about in a recent YouTube video. He stressed the fact that the WWE legend said he was considering a move to the Japanese promotion in 1997, which is where he messed up a little. Chael Sonnen said,

However, Chael Sonnen understands that people often forget dates sometimes. Besides, it’s been almost thirty years since ‘the Rock’ thought about the MMA move and spoke about it with Mark Kerr and Ken Shamrock. But Sonnen was disappointed with Joe Rogan for not asking the questions he should have asked, including ‘The Rock’s history with steroids.

said ‘The American Gangster’.

Dwayne Johnson even opened up about using steroids when he was in his teenage years to ‘‘. As such, Joe Rogan could have pointed that out and asked him about those issues. But he refrained from doing that. Chael Sonnen further stated, Instead, Sonnen mentioned that Joe Rogan acted as a pretentious individual.

MMA legend claims the JRE host acted pretentiously

Chael Sonnen took issue with Joe Rogan for not putting forth questions or responding to what Dwayne Johnson said on his podcast. According to him, it looked as if the 56-year-old had no control of his show. Sonnen said, Instead, Rogan chose to act like nothing was wrong and pretended that he was interested in what ‘The Rock’ had to say on his podcast.

Sonnen continued. Because Joe Rogan showed no signs of suspicion with Johnson’s claims, the Hollywood star continued with his stories.

Joe Rogan has called out many people for the lies and controversies. However, it was strange for Chael Sonnen to witness that the 56-year-old did not do the same with Dwayne Johnson, despite having one of the world’s biggest audio platforms. It remains to be seen if Rogan will respond to Sonnen regarding these claims in the future.

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