Learn How to Draw a Book and a Stack of Books Step by Step

Looking for your next creative muse? You don't have to look very far. Some of the best subjects for drawing can be found lying around your home. Books, for example, can be a great object to render as a drawing. Seems difficult? You'll find that with a step-by-step approach, you can easily learn how to draw this subject.

This tutorial will show you how to draw a realistic book in just six steps, and then how to apply that knowledge to draw a stack of books. All you'll need to get started are some basic drawing supplies, such as a pencil, eraser, pen, and paper. If you want your book to be even more accurate, then collect some books you have lying around the house. Ready to get started? Then, let's draw a book!

First, draw a rectangle at a slight angle.

Then add two curved lines (almost like parentheses) under the bottom line of the rectangle.

Add another line under the arches, creating an almost rectangular shape.

Next, create the spine of the book by adding another arch and connecting it to a line that is parallel to the long side of the rectangle you drew. This line will also curve and continue into an adjacent line.

Afterward, draw some detail on the spine and pages of the book.

Finally, it is time to go over the drawing in ink. So, using your favorite pen, carefully trace over all of the pencil marks. Then, when you feel like the ink has had a sufficient amount of time to dry, erase the graphite layer.

Congrats! You've learned how to draw a book. Scroll down to take this approach to the next level and draw a stack of books.

Start by drawing two parallel lines.

Next, cap off each end of the parallel lines with two curved lines.

Then, draw another pair of parallel lines at an angle to the first pair.

Cap off the parallel lines with an arch.

Afterward, finish the book with two more lines, creating a stretched diamond.

Finally, you can add detail to the book, such as to the pages and to the spine.

Next, we will start the second book by sketching a rectangular spine underneath the first book.

Finish the shape of the second book in the same way as the first one.

Then, add more detail to the second book.

Now, it is time to start the third book. So, find another angle underneath the second book and sketch a rectangular spine.

Finish the shape of the book with the same techniques used in the first and second books.

Afterward, you can add details to the third book until it looks more realistic and three-dimensional.

At last, you can go over the drawing with ink with your favorite pen. Then, after you've allowed the ink to dry, you can erase any remaining pencil marks.

Good job! You've drawn a stack of books.