Not Khabib Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier Agrees With Joe Rogan to Settle ‘Best Fighter’ Debate- “Nobody Was Like…”

In the alleyways of the heavyweight division of UFC, there exists a name that was feared by fighters. Cain Velasquez was such a fighter who was blessed with superhuman endurance as well as technical prowess. Velasquez was a dominant force in the UFC till his body started giving him indications of stopping. Sadly, Velasquez had to quit to live a good life.

considers Velasquez to be one of his closest friends. The former double-weight champion recently made a statement about his old friend. Let us dig in to understand what ‘DC’ had to say about his friend.

Daniel Cormier thinks Cain Velasquez was a better fighter than him

Cain Velasquez achieved way too many things in the realm of UFC and was only limited by his health. The former fighter was a freak of nature who was blessed with superhuman endurance as well as superior mental grit. Despite his worsening health, Velasquez amassed an impressive 12-3 record in the UFC, including four wins in title fights.

Daniel Cormier in a recent statement praised the former fighter and claimed that Velasquez was far better than him when he was in his prime.

‘DC’ further claimed that when Velasquez was in the heavyweight division, he dropped down to 205 pounds such that he wouldn’t have to face the force of nature.

Daniel Cormier’s statement about Cain Velasquez takes us back to the time when also deemed Velasquez as one of the most dominant fighters that the UFC has ever witnessed.

Joe Rogan claimed that Velasquez was the most dominant UFC heavyweight

Joe Rogan in one of his podcasts claimed that Cain Velasquez stands out as one of the best heavyweights he has seen fight. Rogan stated that Velasquez’s ability to adapt and change to the situation as well as his dominant superhuman endurance was never seen once he returned from fighting.

stated Rogan.

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