8 Christopher Meloni Performances All Law and Order Fans Need to Watch


 is widely known for his iconic role as Detective Elliot Stabler in the franchise⁠—first on  and now on , which will debut its third season this fall. 

As much as we love watching Meloni as Stabler, he's equally as captivating in his other film and TV projects. , we recommend checking out these eight other stellar Christopher Meloni performances. 

The Handmaid's Tale

Fans of the dystopian series (based on the book by Margaret Atwood) were pleasantly surprised to see Meloni's familiar face. Although High Commander Winslow's character was only in four episodes, Meloni fans still got their fix.   


Wet Hot American Summer

The 2001 movie was a memorable foray into comedic territory for Meloni, and the 2015 reboot series came just in time! Meloni's performance as Gene was the perfect reminder of his versatile acting chops.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

 wasn't Meloni's only comedic role. The Washington D.C. native also made a funny appearance in the beloved 2004 comedy  as Freakshow. 


Diehard HBO fans are sure to remember Meloni's unforgettable role as Chris Keller in This 1997 throwback will certainly leave you feeling grateful that Meloni has spent most of his career playing one of the good guys. 


True Blood

If you've ever dreamt about an alternate universe where vampires also fight crime, you're in for a serious treat. Meloni made our dreams a reality when he stepped into the character of Roman Zimojic on the HBO original series . He essentially plays the leader of the Vampire Authority, and it's very epic. 


In the , Meloni also played a cop. Only this time, his character is living in a much more unconventional context. 


One of Meloni's first roles was as Johnnie Marzzone in the 1996 movie . Even though he plays a supporting character, this intense crime thriller is certainly worth a watch. 


Last but not least: Meloni's guest role on is everything. It's funny, fresh, and will leave you wishing he was a series regular.