Law and Order SVU: Fans Fume as Series Announce Mid-season Break


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crime drama has been a huge hit since it first premiered back in 1999 - with 23 seasons is only getting bigger. After the most recent episode aired, fans were excited to see another thrilling episode was on the way. However, after noticing it was dated in four weeks time, many of them took to to express their anger over the mid-season break.

Many viewers were in shock when they saw the upcoming ninth episode would return with an unexpected delay.

Angelica was one of many Law and Order SVU fans who took to Twitter to share their annoyance as she wrote: “I can’t make it until December 9 without my favorite people on my TV!!!”


“Yoooo they gotta chill with these two-week breaks it’s exhausting!!!! People will literally be home with family for thanksgiving the tv will be on,” tweeted Ebony

SunKall fumed and expressed this: “F*****g 4 weeks until a new law and order ??????”



Despite being excited, Laura was also annoyed about the delay and tweeted: “The fact I have to wait four WEEKS to watch this crossover is ESPECIALLY HEINOUS.”

The upcoming episode may give viewers an insight into why Barba decided to represent Richard Wheatley on the trial of Kathy Stabler’s (Isabel Gillies) murder.

This will be another nail-biting court appearance for fans as Barba and ADA Sonny Carisi (Peter Scanavino) first went head-to-head in season 22.

As Barba was Carisi’s former mentee, this trial will be one of the most important cases in their careers.




Ahead of its release, Organized Crime star Danielle Moné Truitt who played Sergeant Ayanna Bell gave TV Insider a teaser about how the trial would go down.

She shared: “Carisi is a great lawyer, and so is Barba. They both are really good at giving a certain perspective to the audience, so we’ll see which one works.”

Lexi took to Twitter and commented: “Three weeks is a long time off, what am I going to do with my Thursday’s?”

While Katelyn wrote: “Holy s**t next episode of #LawAndOrderSVU looks INSANE. Why do I have to wait?!?!”