Joe Rogan’s “Absolute Lowest” Time Which Was “Piled On” by Dwayne Johnson Brought to Light

World-famous celebrities appearing as guests on ’s podcast is not a rare phenomenon. Time and again, fans hear global icons engaging in deep conversations and discussions with the popular podcast host. Recently, Rogan had former WWE champion and Hollywood star on the JRE podcast.

However, things didn’t go as expected! The podcast from the audience. Many called ‘The Rock’ and Rogan out for several controversial angles in their conversation. Moreover, many other renowned personalities have voiced their opinions on this.

UFC veteran highlights a years-old controversy where Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson stood on opposite ends

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has been a vocal critic of the JRE podcast featuring ‘The Rock’. Moreover, he uploaded a video on his YouTube channel addressing this matter. In the video, Sonnen revealed previously unknown details about Rogan’s years-old controversy. In 2022, the UFC commentator was subjected to intense criticism after many accused him of using inappropriate language in his podcasts.

Further, many tried to cancel him from the realm of the internet. Sonnen highlighted that incident and revealed some details that were unknown previously!  he said.

Moreover, the former UFC fighter shocked the world by hinting at Johnson’s stance against Rogan! Sonnen revealed!

Chael Sonnen likes this one thing about ‘The Rock’

The former UFC title challenger was blunt about his opinions on this podcast episode. However, Sonnen also didn’t shy away from praising Johnson, where he thought appreciation was due. Talking about the former WWE champion’s storytelling skills, Sonnen had nothing but good to say about it!

he said.

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