“Best Thing For Draymond Green!”: Unlike Shaquille O’Neal, Former Warriors GM Bob Myers Applauds Green’s Indefinite Suspension


became the talk of the NBA town following his ejection due to a flagrant 2 foul in the game against the Phoenix Suns. It eventually resulted in an indefinite suspension for the Golden State Warriors star which sparked debates all around. With the likes of criticizing a part of the decision, the former general manager of the franchise, Bob Myers, wholeheartedly backed it.

During the coverage of the latest New York Knicks and Suns game, Bob discussed his viewpoint on the situation.

“I do like the fact that the NBA and the Warriors in conjunction all supported the fact that let’s look at the person.


The decision over Draymond Green remains up for discussion

Contrary to Shaq, voiced the same as Bob as he publicly displayed empathy for his teammate. “The conversations we had yesterday were about him personally and making sure the focus is getting right,” the 4x champion mentioned. He added, “Getting on a path that’s gonna allow him to be who he needs to be as a person, as a man, father, husband, and a basketball player, in that order”.

Thus, the people who have known him on a personal level are mostly shedding light on the need for the suspension. The outsiders, whereas, seem to share a completely different point of view on the occurrence. The contrast in opinions has now built an interesting premise over the power forward to the NBA.