Law And Order SVU Season 23 Spoilers: Mariska Hargitay Returns As Detective Olivia Benson?


Law And Order: SVU first debuted in September 1999.

And the show now tops the list of prime-time live-action shows who have outlasted all the contenders!

But given that the Law And Order: SVU season 22 finale ended in suspense, some viewers have feared that NBC would cancel the series.

Law And Order: SVU is currently filming its 23rd season! And since NBC inked a 3-year renewal contract last year, it's all good and orderly in SVU land.

The big question, though: Will the beloved Mariska Hargitay return in her famous role of Detective Olivia Benson? Find out the answer below!

Law & Order: SVU Star Mariska Hargitay Film After Broken Ankle?!


When Law & Order: SVU fans learned that Mariska had broken her ankle, some feared that she would have to take time away from the show.

But Hargitay, 57, just alleviated those fears! The actress showed up on the set of Law & Order: SVU last week, per People.

Limping in an orthopedic air cast, Mariska leaned on a pair of crutches as she stepped before the cameras. But the bad break didn't detract from her beauty, with the actress looking gorgeous in an long blue floral frock tied with a red ribbon around her slender waist.

Law & Order: SVU Star Shares Accident On Social MediaHargitay turned to Instagram to share her accident.


The photo shows the actress standing on one leg. With her ankle in a cast, Mariska leans on crutches.

But the Law & Order star kept her sense of humor, as she revealed in her caption.

The accident reportedly occurred when Hargitay slipped on pavement on the rain. She had been attending a Cinema Society screening of Black Widow in the Hamptons.

A local hospital treated the actress for her broken ankle, which caused her to miss the after-screening party hosted at her own home.

"I am getting better every day and very excited to go back to work and keep the streets of New York City safe," Mariska told People about her her role as Detective Olivia Benson.


The actress received empathy from fans AND an unexpected source!

Melissa McCarthy stepped up to share a poster urging fans to honk if they were praying for Mariska.

The actress felt so touched by McCarthy taking time for this action that she reposted the clip on her own Instagram.

"Honk if you're blown away by @melissamccarthy's heart and humor," wrote Hargitay. "Might be worth breaking my ankle for."

While Mariska limps her way through her scenes, fans eagerly await the premiere.