Jon Snow's Sequel Breaks A Game Of Thrones Spinoff Rule, So It Makes Sense HBO Is Taking So Long

has several spinoffs in the works, but the Jon Snow sequel is unique in a risky way that explains why HBO is taking so long with it. The cable outfit was discussing ways to continue exploring Westeros even before , with the first, , finally releasing in 2022. The prequel was a clear success, and is coming in 2024, with more on the way.

Arguably the most surprising spinoff show in-development is the Jon Snow sequel, which is intended to bring back Kit Harington and resume his story after going back beyond the Wall in season 8, episode 6, "The Iron Throne." Although was first reported in 2022, it still hasn't received a green light from HBO. The network is taking its time in developing the show, and while that's surprising given it has a willing star and very strong connections to the original, it's ultimately for the best.

Jon Snow Is The First Game Of Thrones Spinoff Not Based On Anything GRRM Has Done

Unlike the other , the Jon Snow sequel is not adapted from or based on anything that George R. R. Martin has written in any way, other than continuing the journey of a character he created (whose own ending he hasn't yet gotten to). adapts , Martin's in-universe history book, and various other spinoffs are based on different bits of history he's revealed over the years, either through , book, , or elsewhere.

Of course, Jon Snow's story will continue in and , but it's likely that it will take him to the same destination as season 8 (albeit by a very different route). It's hard to imagine Martin writing anything that continues Jon Snow's journey after that point, especially as, for all its faults, it a fitting fate for the character. Even if he did, he certainly wouldn't know what it would entail yet, when he remains at work on , whereas development is underway on the Jon Snow show. That means it's got to be entirely new, with no blueprint at all to work from.

Game of Thrones' Jon Snow Sequel Taking So Long Is A Good Thing

Ultimately, it's a good sign that HBO isn't rushing Jon Snow's spinoff. That's true of any show, of course, and would be even if Martin had written an entire novel about Jon's adventures after his story. However, it's particularly true in this case when there's no roadmap for the plot. took a downward turn when it overtook Martin's books, and only had a rough outline to work from, knowing where things were to end up but not how to get there. That only got worse when it hurtled towards that endgame instead of the patient build-up for which it had been known.

and are available to stream on Max.

With all of that, then taking the time to get Jon Snow's sequel right becomes not only promising, but vital. After all, this is the show that has the clearest connection yet to . A spinoff about one of the main characters would, in terms of mass appeal, be an easy sell to potential audiences, and so trying to cash-in on that wouldn't exactly be surprising. That HBO isn't doing so is the best possible way to approach this sequel. If it doesn't happen, it means the story wasn't right; if it does, then, in theory, it'll mean it's overcome its biggest challenge.