The Walking Dead: An explanation of why Morgan is the most Aggravating Character


The Walking Dead is truly a mixed bag. There are moments of sheer brilliance, where the tension, drama and hardships of life in a zombie apocalypse are perfectly portrayed, giving viewers a thrilling experience. But, alas! These moments are often clouded by scenes of unending arguments, complaints about hardships and acts of violence meted out by deranged individuals.

The show often tests the patience of viewers, who might find it challenging to relate to the characters' sudden and illogical decisions. Yet, the character that tops the chart as the most frustrating is Morgan, brought to life by Lennie James.


Intriguing, isn't it?

Morgan's no-kill policy, against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse, is a significant cause of annoyance. While the show occasionally delves into the idea of "rebuilding moral society", it predominantly centers around the horrific acts required for survival. Morgan's alternate ideology of pacifism goes against the essence of the show, ultimately weakening the narrative.

Strangely enough, the talented actor Lennie James, who plays Morgan, is not utilized to his full potential.


His monotonous portrayal of either wanting to refrain from killing or launching into a killing spree detracts from the complexity of his character.

Furthermore, Morgan continues to be distanced from the mainstream narrative, marooned on his own, seldom interacting with the rest of the cast, thus reducing his character's potential impact on the storyline.

Despite its struggles with character development, The Walking Dead holds promise. With an actor like James, characters like Morgan, laden with tragic backstories and internal turmoil, can significantly enhance the viewers' experience if portrayed with more attention and depth. A tantalizing consideration indeed!