Joe Rogan Lauds UFC CEO Dana White for Retaining a Robust Physique While Dealing With Life-Threatening Hypertension- “Still Jacked Up”

Most fans are well aware of the noted UFC color commentator affinity for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Even at 56, Rogan still boasts a robust physique, which may look unattainable for most people his age. Apart from his own health and fitness issues, the noted comedian also sparks up discussions about the physiques of several other celebrities in the episodes of his noted podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’.

The 56-year-old caught up with the renowned CEO of “10X Health Systems”, Gary Brecka, in one of the recent episodes of ‘JRE’. Even the fans who haven’t viewed it yet may have already realized that it will contain a lot of health and fitness-related discussions. But the conversations weren’t only about Rogan or Brecka. The UFC color commentator and his guest also pulled in UFC CEO Dana White into their discussion.

Joe Rogan talked about Dana White’s commendable physique even amidst health issues

UFC fans may already be aware of the struggles that the current UFC head honcho, , had to go through. He has worked multiple odd jobs to make ends meet. They also include a stint as a boxing instructor at an institute in Boston. Maybe it was due to such physical activities that White grew into an individual with a commendable physique.

However, White had developed a number of troublesome physical issues by 2022, including hypertension. This is why he consulted Brecka, the ’10X Health Systems’ CEO, in early 2022. He talked to Rogan about White’s issues, but the ‘JRE’ host was interested in something else. While Brecka talked about the medicines that they used for curing White’s hypertension, Rogan said, And so, he [Dana White] was he was on those?”

From Brecka’s reply, it became quite apparent that he, too, shared Rogan’s opinion in this regard. The founder and CEO of ’10X Health Systems’ replied, But do you know what exactly caused the UFC head honcho, White, to consult Brecka in the first place?

Gary Brecka has increased Dana White’s average lifespan significantly

Most fans may know that busy people like Dana White hardly get the time to look after themselves. This often results in them sustaining several bad habits that take severe tolls on their health. In early 2022, White experienced a number of problems with his health. This is why he initially consulted Brecka. But the tests that Brecka conducted on White gave the latter a harsh reality check.

They revealed that White only had 10.3 more years to live. But Brecka had the solution to this as well. He introduced White to their ten-week weight loss and dietary modification plan. Brecka also revealed that the . Amidst several other developments, Brecka also said that He [Dana White] has almost tripled life expectancy”, which currently lies at just under 30 years”.

Dana White managed to maintain a jacked physique even during such a stressful period. So do you think he has gotten even more jacked now that he is enjoying a much better health condition?

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