Elon Musk Given a ‘Billion Dollar Advice’ to Sign Joe Rogan, With X “Going in a Direction” to Sign Top Talent

has seen his podcast, the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience), reach incredible heights in the past few years. The former ‘Fear Factor’ host received a staggering $200 million from Spotify in 2020 to secure exclusive rights to the podcast for their platform. And since then, the podcast has only kept growing in its reach and the caliber of guests that appear on the show! With Rogan’s contract set to expire soon, many suitors are lining up to secure his services, reportedly including X boss Elon Musk.

Elon Musk, the tech mogul and billionaire, has made multiple appearances on the show. And fans have found every single one of them more entertaining than the last. However, his recent appearance on the JRE episode no. #2054 was also This has led to Musk receiving an interesting proposition from another notable figure in the podcast world. And he has quoted Jay-Z as the reason behind the plan by stating, “”

Elon Musk given an interesting proposition regarding Joe Rogan and his podcast

Joe Rogan and his podcast have become the biggest example of the success of the podcast industry in today’s time. ‘JRE’ constantly reigns supreme on the charts of top weekly podcasts on Spotify in the United States. ensures that fans have to tune in to the platform to catch up on their favorite show.

However, recent reports indicate that Spotify is facing financial turbulence. News reports indicate that the platform has been forced to lay off around 6% of its staff this year. The deal with Rogan is In light of these developments, Patrick Bet-David, host of the Valuetainment podcast, has revealed a way for Elon Musk to capitalize on the massive popularity of Rogan and his ‘brand’.

Bet-David believes that Rogan is a billion-dollar figure, and Elon Musk should consider offering him a billion-dollar contract over 20 years with equity on the back end. He stated,

Bet David emphasizes the value of securing a big name like Rogan for platforms like X under Elon Musk. Therefore, he revealed, ”

Patrick Bet-David suggested that Joe Rogan, with his trusted brand, has become a significant business entity. Hence, he quoted ‘Jay-Z’ to illustrate his point. As the rapper had once famously quipped,”

Bet-David and Rogan also share a history as during his appearance on the JRE, he brought in some impressive gifts for Rogan that left the host stunned!

Rogan left stunned by Patrick Bet-David’s gifts

Joe Rogan, known for his eclectic memorabilia, received five unique gifts from Patrick Bet-David on the JRE episode no. 2016! The first was a limited edition Jimi Hendrix pen, followed by a signed letter from Andrew Jackson, symbolizing anti-establishment sentiments that Rogan represents.

The largest gift was a board with autographs related to the Kennedy assassination. But the highlight was the original mic of comedian Lenny Bruce, a delayed gift due to its significance to Rogan. Rogan, acknowledging the challenge of finding him a gift, deemed it the “ he has ever received!

The gifts, and the suggestions for Elon Musk to offer him a billion-dollar contract, showcase , and the intriguing possibilities that may be in store for its future!

Do you think Joe Rogan should seek a larger contract for his podcast? Or will the Spotify deal continue under new terms from next year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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