Disappointed at Early Finish, Joe Rogan Questions Marc Goddard’s Decision at Jiri Prochazka vs. Alex Pereira at UFC 295

UFC 295 finally wrapped up with the main event between and at Madison Square Garden. They battled for the vacant light heavyweight strap. As such, we have a new champion in Pereira as ‘Poatan’ knocked out Prochazka to become the 9th two-division champion in the UFC, but took an issue with the decision of the fight.

and were the initial headliners for UFC 295. However, forced ‘Bones’ to pull out of the fight and it could keep him out of action for about eight months. This led to shift the vacant light heavyweight title fight to the main event spot. Let’s take a look at what transpired.

Alex Pereira knocks out Jiri Prochazka at UFC 295

Niether Alex Pereira nor Jiri Prichazka could have looked more ready for their bout. After one of the most intense staredowns, the pair went at it at MSG. Pereira’s patented leg kicks did their damage early on but a resilient Prochazka powered through. While the Brazilian looked to be having the striking advantage, the former champion secured a takedown to even the odds. Despite struggling from the bottom, Pereira eventually managed to get the fight back on his feet.

The second round was a shorter story than the first. Prochazka came in hot and landed some good shots on Pereira. However, a counter hook from the former Glory Kickboxing champion sent Prochazka to the ground, forcing him to shoot for a takedown. ‘Poatan’ followed up with elbows and referee Marc Goddard had seen enough to call the fight.

Controversy ensued as many fans and pros, including Joe Rogan, voted against the referee’s decision.

Joe Rogan believes the fight was stopped too early

After the fight ended, Joe Rogan and the members of the commentary team took a look at the replay of the knockout. As such, the 56-year-old pointed out that referee Marc Goddard stopped the fight earlier than he would have liked. Although Jiri Prochazka got hurt after Alex Pereira landed the left hook, Rogan thought that the Czech fighter was still in the fight.

said Joe Rogan as he checked out the replay of the ending of the fight. However, Jiri Prochazka did not seem to complain about it. Moreover, he congratulated Alex Pereira on his win and vowed to come back stronger. Nevertheless, it was a monumental night for the Brazilian ace to be able to conquer two divisions in the UFC in just 11 MMA fights.

Alex Pereira is now a big part of the UFC’s history. He was a double champion during his kickboxing days in Glory and he replicated that feat in the UFC. Pereira has shown how good he is after switching divisions. He also called out after the win, but we will have to wait and see what lies ahead for the new UFC light heavyweight champion.

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