This sunburn blush makeup look is taking over TikTok – and Billie Eilish is a fan

The sunburn blush trend that’s taking over TikTok gives you a sun-kissed look without UV damage.

The popular makeup look, that’s been replicated by the likes of Billie Eilish has been trending on the .

The blushed cheeks and nose makes it look like you’ve spent the day at the beach – without the dangers of sun exposure.

The “Bad Guy” posted a mirror selfie to her 104 million followers, with a flushed makeup look that resembled the latest TikTok trend.

She paired her over-blushed cheeks with subtle mascara and pink lipstick and showed off her natural freckles, alongside a green top and checkered shirt.

Her blush technique looks like the #SunBurnBlush trend on TikTok that currently has more than one million views on the hashtag already.

The makeup look covers your cheeks and nose – similar to how the sun hits your face if you forget to wear sunscreen – but you can achieve a summer glow without the UV damage.

So how are people achieving the sunburn blush look this summer? Well there’s plenty of tutorials on TikTok on how to create the rosy cheeks aesthetic.

One TikTok video by @sarahssuperspa has racked up more than 53,000 likes, and it sees the content creator use a product by Benefit to achieve the sunburn look.

They use the brand’s , a red-pink colour that is priced at £16 and available from and.

Another TikTok user, @moeblackx used three products to create their sunburn blush look, including , a cream blush from Merit Beauty and Colourpop’s toffee cake shade.