12 Biggest Mistakes You're Making When Tenderizing Steak

Tenderizing steak is important for creating a delicious dish. However, there are common mistakes to avoid. First, choose the right method for tenderizing, such as pounding or marinating. Second, select the right cut of steak, as some cuts are naturally more tender than others. Third, remove excess connective tissue to improve texture and flavor. Fourth, ensure the thickness of the steak is even for consistent cooking. Fifth, be cautious of over-tenderizing, as it can result in a mushy texture. Sixth, avoid using excessive force when tenderizing to prevent damage. Seventh, be mindful of marinating for the right amount of time, neither too short nor too long. Eighth, allow the steak to rest both before and after cooking for optimum tenderness. Ninth, use the correct tools for tenderizing to ensure safety and effectiveness. Tenth, let the steak come to room temperature before cooking to ensure even cooking and absorption of flavors. Eleventh, slice the steak against the grain for a more tender texture. Finally, avoid overcooking the steak, as it can make it tough and dry.