Fingers Raised at Joe Rogan for Shying Away From Grilling Dwayne Johnson on His Presidential Dreams – “Two Actors Pretending”

recently made his debut appearance on the million-dollar JRE podcast. He had some interesting conversations with , and it was fun for most people to watch. However, MMA Legend Chael Sonnen questioned the 56-year-old for not asking ‘The Rock’ an important question regarding his presidential ambitions during the 3-hour-long episode.

‘The Rock’ is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. His success in the WWE transcended into the movie industry as he became one of the highest-paid actors in the world. However, the Hollywood A-lister also has an affinity to politics and had once considered running for President of the US. As such, Chael Sonnen weighed in on it in a recent video on his YouTube channel.

Chael Sonnen claims Joe Rogan did not ask ‘The Rock’ the most important question

‘The American Gangster’ believes that Dwayne Johnson is one of the nicest people out there. He referred to the time in 2016, when ‘The Rock’ garnered a lot of support from the American masses when he was considering running for president. Moreover, the former 10-time WWE champion did not even state what his political views were and still had the support of the people. Sonnen was sure that he was going to win the elections that year.

said Chael Sonnen. However, things slightly took a turn when word spread that Dwayne Johnson was leaning towards the leftist ideology. This led to the Hollywood star removing himself from the presidential race.

They let him know right away, ‘Do not feign this… Here’s what will happen,’ and he backed down,” the MMA legend further stated, and such, he questioned Joe Rogan for not asking Johnson about that time during his 3-hour-long podcast.

Dwayne Johnson spoke about several things on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast. From his stories about the early days of his pro wrestling career to his considering a and even MMA. But there were no signs of him talking about the 2016 instance.

Chael Sonnen added, Nevertheless, the MMA legend also mentioned the one particular thing he liked about Dwayne Johnson.

Sonnen likes ‘The Rock’s storytelling ability

‘The American Gangster’ may have pointed out Joe Rogan’s inability to ask the real question. But he has understood his position of inviting ‘The Rock’ on his podcast since there are speculations that he might run for president in the future. Chael Sonnen said, “”

However, Sonnen is not sure if ‘The Rock’ is really considering a presidency role. This is only a speculation that he has made without any proper substance. Chael Sonnen further stated.

Nevertheless, the MMA legend does like one ability that Dwayne Johnson has. It is the art of storytelling and how he can charm people with that ability. added Chael Sonnen.

‘The Rock’ gets a lot of love from people. This is not only because of his entertaining persona but also his philanthropic work. Dwayne Johnson recently gifted a house to UFC fighter, Themba Gorimbo, who has his own $7 story. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if the Hollywood A-lister does end up in the presidential race and ends up becoming the leader of the US.

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