Place Glasses In Between, Not Over, Your Dishwasher Tines

Placing glasses between the tines in the dishwasher instead of over them is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows for better use of the dishwasher's capacity and improves overall cleaning performance. Placing glasses over the tines can lead to overcrowding and less effective cleaning. Additionally, placing glasses between the tines reduces the likelihood of water spots or streaks, as water drains off more effectively. Placing glasses between the tines also ensures the safety and longevity of glassware by reducing the risk of them rattling or breaking during the washing cycle. Lastly, many dishwashers have adjustable top racks to accommodate taller glasses, eliminating the need to place them on the lower rack or over the tines. Properly placing glasses between the tines is not only efficient but also crucial for preventing damage and ensuring safety.