Days Of Our Lives: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed....


Days of Our Lives has aired since 1965. Over the past 55 years over 13,000 episodes have run across not just the United States but translated in numerous languages around the world. It is one of the most important soap operas of all time, winning 4 Daytime Emmy Awards along with countless other awards during its 5 decades on TV.

While over the years there have been hundreds of cast changes, some have remained for decades, allowing fans to watch them grow up on screen. These fan favorites are what keeps fans coming back for more. They are invested in their stories, making it necessary for them to follow it to the very end, no matter where it may lead. That said, there are still character secrets hidden from even the most avid of fans.


Lauren Koslow Is Only 10 Years Older Than Her TV Daughter

Lauren Koslow's character, Kate Roberts, has been one of the show's mainstays since 1996. Beautiful, seductive and vengeful, Roberts, is known for her family-oriented aggression. She will do anything to further the goals of those she loves and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty with those who stand in her way. The actress Lisa Rinna, who plays the daughter of Kate Roberts on the show is actually not that much younger than her soap opera mother. In fact, she is only ten years younger than the actress who plays her mother on the show.

Eli Grant Is The First Biracial Child In American Daytime Television

The son of David Banning and Valerie Grant, Eli is first introduced when he crashes his father's funeral, revealing that he is Banning's biological son. While the initial shock of his true paternal parentage came as a shock to fans, Grant was pleased that his new family accepted him into the fray. Out of all the couples that have been shown on daytime television, Grant was chronologically the first biracial child to ever be shown on daytime television. His groundbreaking reveal opened up doors for other biracial couples and children to appear on daytime dramas.


There Have Been Five Jack Deveraux's.

Fans are used to having their favorite characters recast. Especially when it comes to shows like Days of Our Lives that have been on air for over 50 years. As for the character of Jack Deveraux, it was first played by the actor Joseph Adams in 1987, who was replaced the same year by James Acheson.

Matthew Ashford, the current actor played the character from 1987-1993, with Mark Valley in the role from 1994-1997 and finally Steve Wilder from 1997-1998. Matthew Ashford came back to play the character in 2001 and has played it ever since.

Gabi Hernandez Was Aged

While recasting of soap stars is normal and doesn't have much effect on the fan-base. It is quite unusual for a character that was just introduced, to be reintroduced in a much older form. Gabriela Rodriguez and Camila Banus both auditioned for the role of Gabi Hernandez in 2009, with Rodriguez initially getting the part. However, the producers decided to age the character, firing Rodriguez, replacing her with Banus, who was initially their second choice. This was the second time Banus had been offered the part as she rejected it the first time.


Rise In Babies Named Kayla

Baby-names tend to fluctuate quite a bit over time. One minute they are at the top of the list, the next, the name is almost extinct. This is just the natural trend of things as newer, trendier names come into being, sometimes replacing older versions or different spellings of the same name. When the character Kayla Brady was first introduced in 1982 on Days of Our Lives, the name Kayla was the 900th most used name for baby girls. However, after her introduction, the name spiked to the top 10 thanks in part, to her character.