Upon His First Portrayal of a “Heel”, Dwayne Johnson Discloses to Joe Rogan a Surreal Moment Before He Met Vince McMahon- “Bring Him Out This Monday on Raw”

is arguably the most recognizable figure in the annals of WWE history. The fighter-turned-actor embarked on his journey as a relatively unknown wrestler and gradually got to the pinnacle of the sport. Nonetheless, many might not know that ‘Rock’ was a hated individual when he initially graced WWE. While the promotion pushed him to an all-time high, it soon backfired with chants of ‘Rocky sucks’ at the arena.

hosted ‘The Rock’ in his podcast and while having the conversation. Johnson illuminated many things that surrounded his journey. His debut at Madison Square Garden was sold out followed by him eliminating all 5 on 5 at the tag team match. The chants of ‘Rocky’ ‘Rocky’ soon would change, but not before Johnson had an epic match with Triple H. So what was asked of him during his all time low that followed? Let us delve to understand The Rock’s journey.

Dwayne Johnson illuminates his career to Joe Rogan

Dwayne Johnson while in conversation with Joe Rogan on his podcast gave us an unfiltered version of him. The Hollywood star started by having a conversation about the time when he was young and struggling to find a better career for him. In the conversation, Johnson revealed that he met Pat Patterson who then pitched him to Vince McMahon.recalled Johnson.

He added Johnson added that Patterson wanted him to act as a heel in wrestling.

said Johnson. In the end ‘Rock’ inquires Patterson whether he is fit for wrestling or not. Patterson at that time advised ‘Rock’ to work as a heel for now. However ‘Rock’ was unaware of the fact that Patterson has better plans for him.

“explained Johnson. WWE might be the start of ‘Rock’s journey, however, there was a time when the fighter was thinking of shifting.

‘Rock’ was about to leave WWE for MMA

Down in the conversation, Johnson added that there was a time when he was he was willing to leave WWE and shift to Pride MMA. The fighter-turned-actor gave the reasoning that WWE fighters were making way less than Pride MMA fighters at that time.

“.” Said Johnson. Nonetheless staying loyal to WWE rewarded ‘Rock’ with everything that he has today.

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