Shaquille O'Neal Blames Himself for Divorce from Ex-Wife Shaunie: "It Was All Me"


In a recent interview, retired NBA star Shaquille O'Neal revealed that he takes full responsibility for the end of his marriage to ex-wife Shaunie. The former basketball player expressed regret and admitted that the divorce was entirely his fault.

Shaquille O'Neal, a four-time NBA champion and one of the greatest basketball players of all time, opened up about his failed marriage in an episode of "The E! True Hollywood Story." The 49-year-old athlete acknowledged that the downfall of his relationship was caused by his own actions.

During the interview, Shaq admitted that he was not a faithful husband and that his extramarital affairs ultimately led to the deterioration of his marriage.


He expressed deep remorse for the pain he caused Shaunie, admitting that his behavior was "all me." Furthermore, he blamed his immaturity and ego for his decisions, recognizing that he should have been more responsible.

The former couple, who got married in 2002, were well-known in the media during their union. Shaunie, who is a celebrity herself, served as the executive producer of the popular reality TV show "Basketball Wives." Despite their shared success and fame, the marriage could not withstand the strain brought on by Shaq's infidelity.


This public admission from Shaquille O'Neal comes as a surprise to many, as he has rarely spoken about his personal life with such vulnerability. The NBA legend's candidness demonstrates a desire to take accountability and reflect on his past mistakes.

Although the couple's divorce was finalized in 2010, they continue to co-parent their four children and maintain an amicable relationship. Shaquille expressed his gratitude towards Shaunie for being understanding and fostering a positive environment for their children despite their troubled past.

Since their split, both Shaq and Shaunie have moved on romantically.


However, the former basketball star acknowledges that the divorce was a pivotal moment in his life. Reflecting on his mistakes, Shaq stressed the importance of communication, trust, and loyalty in a relationship, and hopes to be a better partner in the future.

As fans and media outlets react to Shaq's candid interview, it is clear that his admission of fault and regret is resonating with many. By taking ownership of his actions, the NBA legend has shown a willingness to grow and learn from his previous missteps. While the marriage may have ended, it appears that Shaquille O'Neal is determined to become a better person and partner moving forward.