Maisie Williams Confirms 'Everyone' from Game of Thrones Is in a Group Chat

isn't really over for its stars.

HBO's iconic cast is still in touch, according to . The actress, who played Arya Stark on the series from 2011 to 2019, said the cast still has an active group chat.

When asked Williams, 25, was asked which costars she still talks to since the series' final, season aired in 2019, she replied, "Everyone. We're all on a group chat, which is lovely."

She continued, "Everyone's doing really well. And I think that it's nice to keep up with people enjoying their lives, which had been dominated by the show for so long."

Next up, Williams is stepping into the punk role of Jordan (Pamela Rooke) for FX's upcoming series , about the U.K. punk band the Sex Pistols.

Her costars have jumped into other projects, too. Fictional sister is currently in HBO's dramatized version of spent time on stage in . And has two films in the works.

Even though their roles are in the rearview, the fictional saga is about to return in a new form.

Williams confirmed she will be tuning into the spin-off when it debuts in August — not least of which because her friend is in it.

"It's been really interesting just chatting to her about the experience," Williams said. "I think it's actually a lot more pressure. All of the hung-over concerns of our show are now just being piled onto this new cast of people who had nothing to do with it."

Her interest in the series is much deeper than just supporting a friend, she added. "I want to be as supportive as possible to her as an actress, but also, I'm just really curious," Williams said.

"I'm kind of looking forward to watching — even though it's not — and experiencing it as a person that's not on it. 'Cause all I've done is meet people who have done just that, and I never really was able to relate to it."