The Ghostbusters Are Ambivalently Irritated by Chris Hemsworth's Annoying Perfection - Norton's Talk Show

The article discusses the cast of the movie Ghostbusters finding their co-star Chris Hemsworth annoyingly perfect. The cast appeared on The Graham Norton Show and shared their experience of working with Hemsworth.

During the show, the cast members, including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, expressed their admiration for Hemsworth and how he seemed to be effortlessly flawless. McCarthy jokingly stated, "It's impossible to hate him because he's perfect. He's annoyingly perfect."

The cast went on to discuss various incidents on set that highlighted Hemsworth's perfection. McCarthy recalled an incident where Hemsworth spontaneously started playing the saxophone during filming. She described it as a moment where "he's in a three-piece suit and using a machete, and I'm sitting there doing nothing. I'm just like rainbows and kittens darting around." Hemsworth's musical talent certainly added to his overall charm.

Wiig also shared an incident where Hemsworth could not stop looking good, even during strenuous stunt scenes. She mentioned a scene where he had to fall from a balcony, and while everyone looked disheveled, Hemsworth managed to look handsome and perfect during the entire process. It seemed that nothing could ruin his flawless appearance.

Furthermore, McKinnon praised Hemsworth's incredible dance moves. She mentioned a dance sequence where Hemsworth's character busts out some impressive moves. According to McKinnon, Hemsworth made it look effortless and stunning, which only added to the annoyance of the cast.

Leslie Jones added her own hilarious story, recounting a scene where Hemsworth was supposed to play dumb and not understand a simple conversation. However, even in that moment, he managed to look perfect while portraying cluelessness. Jones joked, "You can't be that dumb and have that big of muscles."

The cast members' admiration for Hemsworth's perfection extended beyond his looks and talents. McCarthy also lauded Hemsworth's kindness and down-to-earth nature, describing him as a genuinely nice person.

Overall, the article portrays Hemsworth as the epitome of perfection, with his charm, talent, looks, and kindness making him almost irritatingly flawless. The cast of Ghostbusters, while appreciating his qualities, found themselves both in awe and a tad bit annoyed by his sheer perfection.