Vegan Tofu "Egg" Salad Recipe

is a popular American picnic food and also easily fits into the comfort food category. It has a creamy and satisfying texture that can evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth. It's also super versatile and you can enjoy it in a variety of ways. It's commonly served at brunches, showers, and high tea as a small and crustless finger sandwich. In addition to sandwiches you can enjoy a scoop on a fresh bed of greens or eat it with crackers as a dip. For those who follow a vegan diet, you may be thinking you have given up egg salad for good, but this vegan tofu egg salad rivals the real thing.

Wellness coach and recipe developer brings us this recipe and says, "I love having a sandwich on toast for lunch and this tofu egg salad is both delicious and satisfying. Because we are mashing some of the tofu and dicing some, the texture replicates both the yolk and white part of the egg, so you get the same texture as real egg salad." Combined with ingredients like mustard, vegan mayo, celery, and dill, this "egg" salad tastes just as good as the real thing, and is just as protein-packed, too.

Gather the ingredients for vegan tofu egg salad

To make this recipe, pick up some medium or firm tofu. "Medium or firm tofu will still be on the soft side and either one works well in this recipe. The extra firm and super firm types are better for things like cubed tofu that you might use in a stir-fry," Hahn explains.

While in the produce aisle, pick up some celery, scallions, fresh dill, and a lemon. Then, for dressing the egg salad, we'll need some vegan mayo, Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, black salt, salt, turmeric, and pepper. "The black salt which is also known as is what gives this egg salad the 'eggy' flavor. It works great in other recipes too like tofu scrambles, and vegan deviled eggs made from potatoes," Hahn shares. "Oh, and incidentally, it is actually pink in color, not black."

Step 1: Press the tofu

Press the tofu using a tofu press or by placing it in a shallow bowl and placing a plate on top, then placing something heavy on top of the plate. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then discard the water that has collected in the bowl.

Step 2: Dice half of the tofu

Dice half of the tofu into small cubes.

Step 3: Mash the remaining tofu

Mash the remaining tofu.

Step 4: Combine the ingredients in a bowl

In a large bowl combine the diced tofu, mashed tofu, celery, scallions, dill, vegan mayo, Dijon, lemon juice, vinegar, black salt, salt, turmeric, and pepper.

Step 5: Stir the ingredients

Stir to combine.

Step 6: Serve the tofu egg salad

Serve the tofu egg salad as desired.

What are some tips when working with tofu for this egg salad?

If you are not a pro at cooking with tofu it can be intimidating. Tofu has had some hate over the years but lately is becoming more widespread as people learn how to work with it. Plus, the of tofu are becoming more known as we study many cultures around the world that eat tofu as a staple food. "The best thing about tofu is you can really transform it into anything as it takes on the flavors of the spices and flavorings that is used when preparing it," Hahn remarks.

Most tofu is sold packed in water and the first step in working with tofu is to discard the packaging water and press the tofu to release the remaining water that is in the tofu. "If you plan to make tofu frequently a tofu press is a very handy tool. It's small and this allows you to press tofu overnight in the fridge if desired. The other method of pressing tofu works very well too, it's just a little more involved with the need to stack heavy things on top of it which takes up more room and must be done on the kitchen counter," Hahn explains.

How should you serve the tofu egg salad?

Serve this tofu egg salad as a sandwich filling — use your favorite bread, rolls, or pita pockets. Add lettuce, tomato slices, and other fresh veggies to create a classic sandwich. You can also add avocado, pickles, or sprouts for extra flavor and texture. For a low-carb option, use large lettuce leaves, such as Romaine or iceberg, as wraps. Spoon the tofu egg salad onto the leaves and eat as is, or add thinly sliced cucumbers, bell peppers, and sprouts for a refreshing, crunchy texture. Or, spread tofu egg salad on a large tortilla or wrap. Add shredded lettuce, diced bell peppers, cucumbers, and any other desired fillings. Roll it up into a delicious tofu egg salad wrap.

You could also create a tofu egg salad bowl by serving it over cooked rice, quinoa, or another grain. Add a variety of colorful veggies, like cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and shredded carrots. Drizzle with a flavorful dressing or vinaigrette. Use tofu egg salad as a dip for fresh vegetable sticks, crackers, or pita chips. It's a great addition to your appetizer or snack spread.