Every Season of The Crown, Ranked


With The Crown concluding, Netflix might face challenges in creating another prestige television series of similar caliber. While The Crown garnered critical acclaim and Emmy awards, it faced a dip in quality and viewership as the series progressed. The early seasons were praised for their depiction of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, with brilliant casting and character development. The series notably recast its main characters as they aged, introducing new royals and allies.

However, recent seasons have struggled to maintain the same level of excellence.


Season 5, focusing on Princess Diana and Prince Charles' divorce, failed to captivate audiences due to writing and pacing issues. Season 6, split into two parts, also fell short in delivering compelling storylines, especially with regards to the modernization of the monarchy.

Despite strong performances from the cast, including standout portrayals of Diana and Princess Margaret, The Crown has faced criticism for its handling of historical events and character arcs. Season 4 marked a depressing turn for the series, while Season 3 served as more of a transitional period for viewers. The earlier seasons, particularly Season 1, were hailed for their nuanced portrayal of the royal family and their inner lives.

Moving forward, Netflix will need to find a new series that can match the prestige and acclaim of The Crown if they hope to maintain their position as a leader in quality television programming.