“Don’t Think Zion Williamson Is Out of Shape”: Shaquille O’Neal Clarifies Nature of His Critique of Pelicans Star


During a recent appearance on , joined guest host Suzy Shuster and discussed the level of criticism he has directed at Zion Williamson. O’Neal asked Shuster if she believed his criticism of Williamson had been too harsh, especially after the latter’s lackadaisical performance in the In-Season Tournament Semi-Final.

Shuster replied that she did believe the rhetoric was harsh. In response, Shaq defended himself by explaining how he has focused on the Pelicans star’s performance rather than his weight issues. The former Lakers Center claimed that he doesn’t believe that the Pelicans Power Forward has fitness-related problems.



O’Neal pointed out that he had never commented on Zion’s body. He recalled how during his third championship run in 2003, he was called out of shape as well despite being the leading scorer in the league. But Shaq put on a show regardless of that.

Therefore, Shaq’s main contention with Zion has been a lack of intensity. This came to the surface during the In-Season Tournament Semis when Pels lost by 44 points to the Lakers and Williamson just had 13 points.

Zion Williamson has been the butt of jokes

I’m not exaggerating, I’m quoting people. You got chefs in New Orleans who love him. They’re looking for him. Every chef there wants to meet him because they know he’d show up at the restaurant.


The word out on Zion Williamson is that he’ll eat the table ,” he stated.

has been a fierce critic of the 2x All-Star as well. He thinks that the Forward needs someone to guide him. Barkley, who also had issues regarding his shape as well, understands the issue well. He has repeatedly stated that it was legendary Center who pushed him during his rookie year to get in better shape. Similarly, he wants someone to help Williamson work on his body.