“Can You Smile a Little Bit?”: WNBA Superstar and Shaquille O’Neal Ooze Pure Class After ‘Niece’ Angel Reese & LSU’s Disheartening Upset vs Colorado


When the LSU Tigers and Colorado Buffs faced off at the T-Mobile Arena, was there to cheer for one team. He was on his school’s side and rooting for them to win. Shaq didn’t get that though but he’s not wallowing in misery anytime soon. Instead, he went over to the other side to commend the talent. And he was not alone.

Joining him was a WNBA superstar who savored every bit of the game. And she wants to see the winners own their victory.

Shaquille O’Neal praises LSU rivals

The No.1 school, LSU Tigers were stunned in an upset loss to the No. 20 ranked Colorado Buffs. Shaquille O’Neal and his son, Shareef, were courtside rooting for Angel Reese’s squad.


Though that 78-92 sweep was not what he was hoping for, he knows a thing or two about being a good sport.

An update from the Buffs page showed Shaq arriving in the locker room to congratulate the winners. The whole interaction was summarized in the caption, “ He hugged Aaronette Vonleh and told the girls, “which is a lot since he was hoping for LSU to win.

Shaq wasn’t the only star in the locker room. Las Vegas Aces legend, Candace Parker was in the house. And she was so overwhelmed with the Buffs overturning the game, she couldn’t stop gushing about it.

Parker, who’s had her fair share of post-game interviews, was however not liking the seriousness in the team after they defeated the No.1 school. “,” she ordered the Buffs squad.


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