Having a Combined Networth of Almost a Billion, Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson Blasted for Lack of “Self Awareness”- “Just Be Rich”

and epitomize success, a wealthy lifestyle, and financial freedom. Both individuals achieved these positions through a lifetime of hard work. “The Rock” and Rogan share the classic rags-to-riches American dream story, and the community anticipates sound life decisions from them. However, as Thanos’s voiced, the reality is often disappointing.

Rogan and ‘The Rock’ recently crossed paths on Rogan’s new podcast, engaging in a conversation about life decisions. However, little did they know, the discussion would take an unexpected turn. Let’s dive deep in to understand what transpired between them that enraged the community.

Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson reveal the secret to a stress-free, happy life

Dwayne Johnson recently graced Joe Rogan’s podcast to have a fun conversation. The duo indulged in a deep-thought conversation about career, life, and happiness. While having the conversation the duo dived in to have a conversation about living a stress-free life.

Said Johnson

He further added

In response, Rogan concurred with Johnson and recounted an incident when he secured a development deal with Disney. Rogan elaborated that in his mid-20s, Disney extended a multi-thousand-dollar deal to him. He shared that, all of a sudden, after a lifetime of financial struggles, he found himself with money, experiencing a sense of newfound wealth. He further added a statement that might have enraged the Combat community a little bit. Rogan stated

Fans react to Rogan’s and Rock’s advice for stress-free life

As soon as their conversation went viral, fans took to the to express their opinion on Rogan’s and Rock’s take on a stress-free and happy life. Some of the comments are as follows:-

Fans called out both individuals for the lack of self-awareness they have. They state that it is easy for them to give such advice because they are sitting in a billion dollars of combined net worth. Fans further gave a reality check to Rogan and ‘The Rock’ stating that it is not easy to get out of the matrix. Nonetheless, the reactions portrayed by the fans expressed dissatisfaction.

What is your opinion on Joe Rogan’s and ‘The Rock’s statement on a stress-free and happy life? Do you agree with them? Tell us in the comments below.

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