Why Did Joe Rogan Leave California and Settle in Austin, Texas?

Several UFC fighters have gone through relocations due to various reasons. A number of them, like Rose Namajunas, had to go through this experience during their childhood. But there are others, like who relocated to a faraway place during their adolescence. In most cases, there’s a strong reason behind the relocation of a person. But a large chunk of UFC fans may be completely ignorant of the fact that even the famed color commentator of the UFC, , once chose to settle down in a faraway land.

Well, the 56-year-old is no stranger to relocations. Several credible sources say that Rogan was born in Newark, New Jersey. At the age of 7, he moved to San Francisco, California, with his mother. Then they moved to Gainesville, Florida when he was 11. They later settled in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts. However, he scored a commendable deal with ‘Disney’ following his relocation to Los Angeles, California, in 1994. But after a 26-year-long stay in LA, Rogan decided to shift his home once more to Austin, Texas. So let’s learn about the factors that propelled the 56-year-old comedian to change his residence again and how much it cost.

Joe Rogan spent a fortune on relocating

Most of us may already know that Rogan has amassed a massive following, along with loads of wealth, from his work in multiple fields. ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ host decided to relocate again in the year 2020 when he boasted a humongous net worth of $140 million. Hence, it’s quite apparent that he won’t mind spending a piece of it to purchase a luxurious place to reside in.

Reports say that Rogan’s mansion in Austin, Texas, cost him around $14.4 million. They also reveal that the noted comedian moved to Texas with his entire family. But as already mentioned, in most cases, there is a strong reason behind the relocation of a person. But a large chunk of fans may be completely unaware of the reasons that propelled Rogan’s relocation.

Well, the UFC color commentator himself in episode #1514 of his noted podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Rogan was joined by the famous founder of the ‘Spartan’ obstacle races, Joe De Sena, in the episode. Amidst one of their conversations, Rogan stated,

He also answered the conspiracy theories that a large chunk of people were putting up about his relocation. They said that Rogan wanted to save himself from paying taxes. But the JRE host debunked all such claims, stating, Well, wherever he stays, UFC fans miss him every time he’s absent from the commentary table of a UFC PPV. But will Rogan be there to comment on the upcoming UFC 295?

The venue for UFC 295 will allow Joe Rogan to make a return to the commentary table

Most UFC fans may already be aware of the fact that Rogan doesn’t do commentary on every UFC PPV. The comedian’s tasks in multiple fields don’t leave him with enough time to commentate on the UFC PPVs held outside the US. But the promotional authorities will return to their well-known venue, Madison Square Garden, for UFC 295 on November 11.

This clearly means that Rogan will be making a return to the commentary team after a long break. Rogan commentated for the final time at UFC 292 when claimed UFC bantamweight championship. It’s quite apparent that numerous fans will be excited to hear Rogan’s voice once again.

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