Joe Rogan Believes There’s Bad News for Francis Ngannou if Tyson Fury Does This in a Rematch – “It’s Probably a Different Fight”

shocked the world when he dropped in ‘The Battle of the Baddest’. Fury was considered the overwhelming favorite before the fight. However, Ngannou’s performance led to him losing due to a controversial split decision while garnering support from the combat sports world. , UFC commentator and host of the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) podcast, was also vocal about the judging on display and

And in episode no. 2063 of the JRE with , Rogan broke down how Fury can now turn the tables on Ngannou! The discussion between the two men touched upon a potential rematch between Ngannou and Fury. Rogan had an interesting take on the adjustments ‘The Gypsy King’ can make to his game to avenge his loss!

Joe Rogan reveals adjustments needed by Tyson Fury for Ngannou rematch

Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou’s fight was marked by the surprising skill and power that Ngannou displayed. He caught Fury with a left hook in the 3 rd round dropping the champion to the canvas. Fury returned to his feet but spent the rest of the fight wary of the heat being thrown his way.

Despite the fight not being for a title, Ngannou’s performance silenced all his doubters. And many fans in the combat sports community called the decision loss a sham as they felt Ngannou did enough to win. for his, scorecard.

In the podcast episode, Johnson considered two perspectives on the rematch: one where Fury didn’t need to fight Ngannou again and the other emphasizing the champion mentality. Rogan acknowledged Fury’s champion status, but suggested,

Rogan also noted that Fury tended to perform significantly better in rematches. He stated,

He also noted that if Fury relies more on his jab and technical skills, the rematch will look very different than their first encounter. So far there have been no official confirmations regarding a rematch. But Francis Ngannou has made it clear that he is willing to fight Fury again!  

Ngannou wants Oleksandr Usyk out of the way for his rematch

Francis Ngannou has his sights set on a rematch with Tyson Fury after their recent boxing match. Despite taking Fury to a split decision, Ngannou believes he won the fight and wants to avenge his loss. While signed with PFL, Ngannou intends to step back into the cage next year

He stated to TMZ,

Fury’s upcoming bout with is already in the works, but Ngannou hopes for an earlier meeting. The Cameroonian also revealed,

If the rematch doesn’t materialize, Ngannou is open to returning to MMA and boxing by the end of 2024. The anticipation for a second encounter between Ngannou and Fury adds intrigue to the unfolding narrative between the two men. 

Do you think the rematch between Fury and Ngannou will look different than their first fight? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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