“It’s So Disgusting, Just Toxic Waste”- Joe Rogan, Jenni & WIll Harris Bring to Light the Harsh Reality Behind Industrial Farming

Have you ever considered the consistent abundance of processed foods in the United States? This can be attributed to agricultural entities. Nevertheless, there exist undisclosed aspects concerning slaughterhouses and farming practices within the industry. Upon uncovering these revelations, one might be horrified by the environmental devastation they cause.

Recently, had the privilege to gain insight into the operations of farming entities and slaughterhouses. The realities behind the industry both baffled and intrigued Rogan, prompting him to delve deeper into the subject. Upon further inspection, Rogan exposed certain aspects of the industry. Let us try to understand what Rogan analyzed.

Joe Rogan is baffled by the environmental impact of industrialized pig farms

Joe Rogan recently acted as the host for Will Harris, owner of White Oak Pastures, and his daughter Jenni Harris, on his podcast ‘Joe Rogan Experience’. The duo had some bone-chilling revelations about the American food industry that led Rogan to expose the industrial practices behind their farming. While having a conversation about slaughterhouses, Rogan emphasized that the farming houses have lakes of pig waste as the byproduct.

said Rogan. Harris countered Rogan “

Rogan, in the end, inquired whether the companies could use the waste as manure. Will Harris claimed that the process can be done, and it was scientifically proven. However, it would be more expensive to turn the waste into manure. Harris’s words struck Rogan as he seemed disappointed after the interaction. The 56-year-old further added details about America’s ignorance when it comes to the meat industry.

Rogan emphasized that the American populace is unaware of the meat import details

The quantity of beef imported by the US in 2023 astonished the JRE host. Rogan expressed the belief that he might not be alone in his reaction. The BJJ black belt added that people would be baffled to know the amount of beef the US consumes. said Rogan. He further mentioned that an average person may not even think about the US importing meat from other countries.

He added, . He expressed dissatisfaction with the strategies employed by American companies, particularly disapproving of their practice of branding products as their own. The 56-year-old added, Additionally, Harris also mentioned that people don’t really have a choice in choosing which company’s product they want to buy.

What do you make of this JRE discussion? Do you agree with Rogan’s takes? Are you familiar with any such practices in the meat industry? Tell us about your opinion in the comments below.

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