UFC’s Joe Rogan Reveals the One Thing He Advised the Fear Factor Producers to Avoid- “Don’t Do It”

A man of many talents, has always been a man with a lot of diversity. Apart from being a stand-up comedian, podcaster, commentator, actor, and businessman, he is also an active practitioner in BJJ and has a black belt as well. However, there are a few things that even Rogan might consider extreme. What is it that rattles a tough individual like Joe Rogan? It seems it has nothing to do with MMA at all!

Rogan is a smart individual who has multiple business ventures and investments. He is a cautious man who understands boundaries. In one of the recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes, Rogan opened up about the one time even he felt things were getting out of hand.

Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby talk about the dangers of bull riding – Rogan’s warning to Fear Factor?

Joe Rogan recently had YouTuber Dale Brisby on his podcast episode as his latest guest. Brisby and Rogan started talking about the dangers of bull riding, and Rogan made his stance towards that abundantly clear. “ ” said Rogan. The UFC commentator would generally come across as someone who is not daunted by these ‘extremities’. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for bull riding in particular.

Then, Rogan recalled the one time he had a conversation with the producers of the popular show ‘Fear Factor’, where he warned them about a particular stunt/incident.

” said Rogan.

He then proceeded to talk about the stuntmen on the show and their entire approach towards the execution of these stunts. The conversation about the behind-the-scenes gave a broad idea to the audience about what goes into the making of a show like Fear Factor. Surely Rogan’s interesting stories like these are the reason behind The Joe Rogan Experience topping the charts on Spotify.

Joe Rogan’s podcast deal with Spotify in jeopardy? Rogan’s podcast tops the charts

According to The New York Times, Joe Rogan had signed a deal with Spotify that was worth a whopping $200 million. And it seems Rogan has held up his side of the bargain and put Spotify right up there with the tech giants. Joe Rogan’s podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience) has once again across the globe. However, it may seem that the run is coming to an end. Spotify is looking to cut costs and now that the deal is nearing its end, Spotify needs to figure out whether or not to renew the deal with Rogan.

As for Joe Rogan, the podcast host has amassed a massive following and can walk away from the deal, no questions asked. Now that his podcast has topped the charts, he has more sway than Spotify. The profit sharing and the terms of engagement might be tipped in his favor more than before.

What is Joe Rogan going to do? Is Spotify going to renew the deal with the UFC commentator? Only time will tell.

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