Billie Eilish Cut Baby Bangs and Dyed Her Hair Black

Between ads and Adobe commercials, it can be easy to forget that Billie Eilish hasn't been blonde for a while now. The award-winning singer-songwriter shared that she exactly two months ago. But it seems she's already itching for some change because she just updated both the color and her bangs.

Although she posted a photo of the new look late last week, the photo's lighting and her pose didn't make it entirely clear that she'd changed both her cut and color. But on Tuesday, February 1, she kicked off the month by giving her Instagram followers a closeup of her now nearly black hair color and edgy, tiered take on baby bangs.

Eilish's new fringe stops well above her eyebrows — not quite as short as what was , but definitely a daring length in the sea of that are going strong at salons right now. To make her baby bangs especially modern, Eilish didn't just cut them short in stark contrast to all-one-length hair; instead her face is framed by another choppy, blunt layer that falls in length between her bangs and the full length of her now-lob. 

Eilish commented with both a black square emoji and "she’s back" under the latest photo, possibly referencing the last time she had this hair color in 2019. 

In her Instagram Stories, shortly after posted to the grid, Eilish shared a sideways shot of her new hair styled in little, knotted pigtails, writing, "did you miss miss me?"

We always miss Eilish's hairstyles when she moves on to new ones, but thankfully those new ones always keep us enthralled while we wait to see what's next.

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