Whoopi Goldberg Shows Kit Harington Her Game of Thrones-Inspired Toilet: 'An Actual Iron Throne'

is a frequent traveler to .

As alum appeared on Thursday, her costars revealed that the winner, 67, has a toilet inspired by the HBO show and George R.R. Martin books in her dressing room.

even disclosed how "."

"Now said she's the biggest fan, but Whoopi has an actual in her dressing room," said co-host , revealing a photo of the modern bathroom with a decorative display of the throne's swords hanging above.

Harington, 36, couldn't help but laugh and clap as the photo was displayed on the screen behind him.

Goldberg, 67, expressed her love for the show to Harington, explaining that she "tried for as long as was on" to get the cast on , but "filming schedules and stuff" got in the way.

"So, this is a show that, from day one, was my favorite, and still remains," said Goldberg. "When I want to see something really fun, I go there. Because it's a great show, and thanks for doing it."

Though Harington was on the daytime talk show to promote his new movie , he also answered some rapid-fire questions about — including one from Griffin, 33, about the possibility of him returning for a previously reported .

"There's nothing I can tell on that front, I'm sorry," he said.

Later, he was asked about the hardest scene to film during his tenure. "I'd love to say it's one of those scenes where I'm in a battle... but it wasn't," he admitted. "It was trying to ride those dragons, which is just the most uncomfortable thing you'll ever do in your entire life. I don't ever want to do that [again]."

Harington also said if he weren't playing Jon Snow, he would've loved to play Ned Stark because he had "one of the best story arcs ever," and called season 2 his best memory from his time on the hit series.

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After announced the was in early development last June, Harington's costar told PEOPLE the idea of the project is "."

"I think that Kit is such a phenomenal actor. Him playing Jon Snow was just like a cultural reset," said Williams. "I think everything that he touches is magic, and I'm excited to see what it's going to be."